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We will no longer be a part of the cycle of violence.

We will be part of the solution.

Watching the revolving door of the prison system from the inside, a group of concerned inmates came together at San Quentin and formed No More Tears. With the support of community members and partners, they are building a program that assists inmates to implement transformative change in their own lives and become mentors for positive change in their communities.

. . . Responding to Violence . . .

No More Tears endeavors to curb violence and detrimental behaviors within targeted communities by utilizing the specialized knowledge and experience of former perpetrators of violence and crime. These former perpetrators hold themselves accountable to bring solutions to the communities where they once had contributed to the problems.

NMT seeks to create partnerships with our communities to support our common concerns and develop an environment where we embrace each other, raise awareness, and implement strategies to address the issues of crime and violence impacting our communities. 

VOLUNTEERS ARE ESSENTIAL TO THE SUCCESS OF NO MORE TEARS' WORK. For information on volunteer opportunities, to donate, or to learn more about No More Tears, please contact us at:

No More Tears
P.O. Box 167
San Quentin, CA 94964
(415) 578-0205